Death Knight Initiates are new recruits to serve the Lich King during the Scourge Invasion. After the Lich King was defeated during the Battle of Light's Hope Chapel, all the Initiates were freed and joined the Knights of the Ebon Blade to take their stand against the Scourge and end the Lich King's dominance.




Instructor Razuvious says: This one...
An Acherus Necromancer raises a Death Knight Initiate.

The Initiate can then say any one of these options to survive:

Death Knight Initiate says: "The voice... such splendor... Arthas... My king..." or "Reborn, I shall become an instrument of doom..." or "Dark energy courses through me... Such power! I hunger for more!"
Instructor Razuvious says: "The Lich King will be pleased with this initiate." or "Amidst the wretch, a champion has been found." or "CHAOS! DOOM! DESTRUCTION! This one will claim them all!"
Instructor Razuvious says: Place upon it the trappings befitting a herald of Arthas.
Acherus Necromancer says: Right away, instructor.
Instructor Razuvious says: Listen, death knight... Listen for the voice of your master. He calls to you now.
Instructor Razuvious says: Stand and be measured! Rise, for your master awaits your arrival. Go now!
Death Knight Initiate says: "Victory to the Scourge!" or "I live only to serve the Lich King!" or "As you command, instructor!"

On the other hand, to get re-killed:

Death Knight Initiate says: "Where am I? What is this place?" or "I hurt... suffering unbearable... end my pain... I beg of you!" or "I... I have awoken to a nightmare?"
Instructor Razuvious says: "Pathetic..." or "Useless..." or "Another failure..." or "This one has awoken too soon. It retains emotion and memory..."
Instructor Razuvious says: You have been measured and found wanting...
Instructor Razuvious says: Dispose of it...
Acherus Necromancer says: Yes, instructor.
Acherus Necromancer says: Rise, minions. Rise and feast upon the weak!
The necromancer summons three or four Acherus Ghouls, who make quick work of the Initiate.


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