The Death's Head is the chief ruling body and organized religious system of the Razorfen quilboar. Within its ranks have merged the powers of shamanism as well as geomancy. Direct disciples can be found situated in the city of Razorfen Kraul. They are fiercely loyal to the demi-god father of all quillboar, Agamaggan, and dedicate their lives to heralding his prophesized return.

Preachers of Agamaggan and the Death’s Head are known as speakers and prophets. Some notable elite members include Death Speaker Jargba, Aggem Thorncurse, and the current crone Charlga Razorflank.

The Heads also house a giant boar, Agathelos the Raging, perhaps a prophesized descendent of Agamaggan.

Origin of the Name

The name Death’s Head was likely chosen after Agamaggan’s death and his children’s pledge to his legacy. The traditional capital city, Razorfen Downs, is housed through an entrance resembling a giant boar head. It is likely that when the Downs were under quillboar control, the cult was established here and named as tribute to the fallen boar god.

Activities with the Scourge

With Scourge presence in the former quilboar captital of Razorfen Downs, elder crone Razorflank, current leader of the Death’s Head, has been in contact with Scourge ambassadors in regards to future campaigns in the Barrens. How the Death’s Head plan to act is unknown.

Evidence gathered regarding quillboar-Scourge relations can be found in the letter recovered from Charlgra.

My Lady,
You know very well what it is we are offering. The opportunity for you to take the Barrens and the lands beyond is a great one. We simply want your aid in return. By aid we mean nothing more than your giving us the freedom to take action in the area.
Please, allow us to discuss this further. We have great power and are willing to share with those wise enough to join us. I will remain outside Razorfen Downs for the time being.
Best Regards,
Ambassador Malcin
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