Dawn's Blossom is a major pandaren city, centrally located in the Jade Forest west of the Arboretum, north of Serpent's Heart, and northwest of the Jade Temple Grounds. Players are introduced to a bit of a beer brewing feud between the Wanderbrews and the Goldendrafts.

Flight paths Edit

Neutral 15 Jade Temple Grounds, Jade Forest
Neutral 15 The Arboretum, Jade Forest
Neutral 15 Tian Monastery, Jade Forest
Neutral 15 Emperor's Omen, Jade Forest
Neutral 15 Pang's Stead, Valley of the Four Winds
Alliance 15 Pearlfin Village, Jade Forest
Alliance 15 Wayward Landing, Jade Forest
Alliance 15 Tushui Landing, Timeless Isle
Horde 15 Hellscream's Fist, Jade Forest
Horde 15 Huojin Landing, Timeless Isle

Portals Edit

Alliance 15 Stormwind City
Horde 15 Orgrimmar

Inhabitants Edit

Quest givers/enders

Notes Edit

The inn within the town is called The Drunken Hozen.

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