Daval Prestor

Daval Prestor II was the "second" Lord Prestor seen, after Daval Prestor the First,[1] and was located in Stormwind City during the Beta test. However, at some point, he was removed and replaced by Lady Katrana Prestor — the human form of Deathwing's daughter, Onyxia, who took the name Prestor in homage to her father.

If Daval Prestor II was intended to be the return of Deathwing, a relative of Deathwing, or even another black dragon altogether is unknown.

Interestingly enough, the only thing that changed between Daval Prestor II and Katrana Prestor is gender and hair color; the outfit remained the same.

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This Prestor might have been the Humanoid disguise for Nefarian before he took the identity of Lord Victor Nefarius


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