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Dar'Khan Drathir was a member of the Convocation of Silvermoon during the Second War. However, due to his greed and wrongdoings, he was destroyed by Anveena Teague and her companions. He now commands Deatholme and a number of Scourge forces. He is guarded by 2 Deatholme Necromancers, but can be pulled without aggroing them. However, it is recommended to kill the adds as Dar'Khan isn't shy about using fear.



  • At level 16-20, Dar'Khan can be taken down with 4-5 people. A standard tank, 3 DPS, and a healer is recommended. Have the tank pull the 2 mobs away from Dar'khan to the hallway above to avoid aggroing Dar'khan. Regroup on the platform in front of Dark'khan and have the tank pull Dar'khan to one side beside the exit. This will prevent any fears of wandering away and pulling aggro from possibly respawning mobs. After the tank pulls, everyone use their [Sunwell Orb] or [Sunwell Blade] on Dar'Khan after the tank uses his and gains decent aggro. Every person will instantly cause 500 arcane damage, making this fight easier if you have more players. He will fear random players and cast shadow bolt on his target. This should be interrupted if possible, but not a big deal if it isnt. It is a simple tank and spank DPS race.
  • Dar'khan is not soloable until most classes are at level 30; however, it is possible for a level 24 hunter and level 20 paladin to take him down solo.
  • A hunter trying to solo this mission needs to first activate Aspect of the Hawk, then take out the two mobs from the hallway. After taking out both mobs, heal any damage taken to your character and your pet and send the pet into the room using the Move To command in your pet's action bar. Once your pet attacks Dar'Khan, target him and use Concussive Shot, Serpent Sting (this will deal continuous damage for a short period of time, which isn't much, but it does help), and Arcane Shot until he gets to the hallway. Once he's close enough, use your Sunwell Orb or Sunwell Blade. After this, try to cast Intimidation - this should make him refocus on your pet. Once he does, move into the room (unless you already have or he's feared you into running inside) to give yourself distance enough to fire. At this point, spam Arcane Shot, Concussive Shot and Serpent Sting until he dies.

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Objective: Retrieve [Dar'Khan's Head]

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