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Dampen Magic is a utility buff. The opposite of Amplify Magic, it decreases the damage the target takes from each enemy spell, but also decreases the amount of healing a target party member takes from each healing spell.





Note that it's "up to" the number given. The actual amount damage/healing is decreased depends on the spell being altered. See the page on damage bonuses from gear. Dampen Magic works in the same way as Type One gear.

Rank Table

Rank Level Mana Description Cost
1 12 100 Decreases magical damage up to 10 and healing up to 20. Template:S
2 24 200 Decreases magical damage up to 20 and healing up to 40. Template:S
3 36 300 Decreases magical damage up to 40 and healing up to 80. Template:GTemplate:S
4 48 400 Decreases magical damage up to 60 and healing up to 120. Template:GTemplate:S
5 60 500 Decreases magical damage up to 90 and healing up to 180. Template:GTemplate:S

Tips and Tactics

  • Many players don't realize Dampen Magic is one of the mage's best defensive buffs, in certain situations. It reduces the damage caused by many kinds of non-physical attacks, not only traditional spells. This includes natural attacks like poison, DoT effects of diseases and curses, acid, and even melee attacks by fire, frost and wind elementals.
  • Most mages use this spell when soloing or in small groups with no healer to lessen the damage enemy casters dish out. Most enemy damage spells are bolts with long casting times; you'll really see the effect when 100 damage becomes 60.
  • This spell can be very dangerous if used incorrectly, hampering the effectiveness of heals directed at a hurt party member.
  • It's possible to use this when in an area with many casting enemies when you do have a healer. Whoever needs healing, however, needs to remember to right-click on the Dampen Magic icon to bring the buff down for full healing.
  • As of 1.12, this spell will no longer reduce a spell's damage below 50% of the total damage it would have dealt. If Dampen Magic reduced a spell's hit from 100 damage to 10 damage, that spell will now do 50 damage.


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