Damek Bloombeard[47, 89.9]
is a dwarf vendor associated with the Thorium Brotherhood. He first appears after players have completed unlocking both factions via Druids of the Talon and The Shadow Wardens. While his items are viewable at this stage, they are only purchasable after players complete his quest, Additional Armaments.

Unlike his other fellow vendors, his prices are affected by Thorium Brotherhood reputation rather than the Guardians of Hyjal.


Vendor information

Item Type Price
[Fiery Treads] Mail Feet163Gold 67Silver 46Copper
[Fireplume Girdle] Leather Waist90Gold 20Silver 50Copper
[Gauntlets of Living Obsidium] Plate Hands127Gold 91Silver 80Copper
[Meteorite Ring] Ring 101Gold 45Silver 8Copper
[Ricket's Gun Show] Plate Wrist117Gold 86Silver 82Copper
[Rickety Belt] Plate Waist117Gold 42Silver 60Copper
[Widow's Clutches] Cloth Hands73Gold 19Silver 2Copper
[Plans: Brainsplinter] Blacksmithing Plans300Gold
[Plans: Elementium-Edged Scalper] Blacksmithing Plans300Gold
[Plans: Lightforged Elementium Hammer] Blacksmithing Plans300Gold
[Plans: Masterwork Elementium Deathblade] Blacksmithing Plans300Gold
[Plans: Masterwork Elementium Spellblade] Blacksmithing Plans300Gold
[Plans: Pyrium Spellward] Blacksmithing Plans300Gold
[Plans: Unbreakable Guardian] Blacksmithing Plans300Gold
[Plans: Witch-Hunter's Harvester] Blacksmithing Plans300Gold
[Schematic: Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher] Engineering Schematic300Gold
[Schematic: Flintlocke's Woodchucker] Engineering Schematic300Gold

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