The tauren have constructed several permanent settlements, including fortified Dalsh-Beran and their capital of Thunder Bluff.[1] (WoWRPG 19) The tauren do not build cities like other races do. Instead, they build many smaller communities that trade on the barter system. With the growing presence of other settlements, the tauren leaders established the settlement of Dalsh-Beran near the Barrens and let the Horde conduct business. All races are welcome to trade here, but those not of the Horde are discouraged from wandering around town, especially at night. Dalsh-Beran has grown from a small trading outpost to a large fortified city, capable of maintaining the trade routes passing north to south and to the east through the Barrens.[2] (WRPG 205-206)


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It's possible this place was later renamed Bloodhoof Village. In Lands of Mystery (the RPG book that came after World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game) states the two major settlements in the area is Thunder Bluff and Bloodhoof Village.

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