The Hunter's Reach

Sisters Sorcerous

Magical Menagerie

One More Glass


Bank of Dalaran

Magus Commerce Exchange

A Herbalists' Greenhouse

The Agronomical Apothecary

The Scribes' Sacellum

All that Glitters Prospecting Co.

Simply Enchanting

Cartier & Co. Fine Jewelry

Legendary Leathers

Talismanic Textiles

Like Clockwork

Tanks for Everything

First to Your Aid

Forge of Fate

Sunreaver's Sanctuary

The Filthy Animal

Krasus' Landing

Runeweaver Square

The Wonderworks

The Threads of Fate

Curiosities & Moore

Dalaran Visitor Center

Violet Gate

The Eventide

The Arsenal Absolute

Glorious Goods

Langrom's Leather & Links

The Militant Mystic

Dalaran Merchant's Bank

The Silver Enclave

A Hero's Welcome

The Beer Garden

The Violet Citadel

Archmage Vargoth's Retreat

Purple Parlor

The Violet Hold

Antonidas Memorial

Legerdemain Lounge

Ledgerdemain Lounge

The Underbelly

The Cantrips & Crows Tavern

Circle of Wills

The Black Market

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