DM could be an acronym for one of the following:

Armor sets
  • DamageMeters, an AddOn that measures player and teammates' damage, healing, and tanking statistics.
  • Dungeon Master, a misnomer for Game Master.

Dire Maul vs The Deadmines Edit

Whether it means one or the other is usually obvious. People sometimes argue–even in Westfall–that DM refers to Dire Maul but is misused to refer to the Deadmines. This may be silly, however, since (especially in roleplaying, but otherwise also) it would be unlikely that most people (or characters, at least) would know about Dire Maul.

As well, VC would more likely refer to Edwin VanCleef himself. Some players may be doing a quest that is satisfied before you arrive at him. One of those is the level 20 paladin quest Alliance 15 Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin [20] The Test of Righteousness (whose reward is Verigan's Fist), which is satisfied at the Mast Room. So saying you would be doing VC would be something of a misnomer, with this consideration.

Perhaps outside of the context of Westfall the meaning is nearly invariably Dire Maul, but in Westfall, it should be assumed that DM refers to the Deadmines. On the other hand, you'd be hard-pressed to see a reference to the Deadmines outside of Westfall anyways.

Since Dire Maul is divided into wings, most players would simply name the wing they intend to run (i.e. DM <Wing>).

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