Cyrukh the Firelord is the final boss you fight in N [70g5] The Cipher of Damnation. He is referred to as an elemental lord, which could make him near Ragnaros in rank, as well as sharing a title ("Firelord") with him. He is also called "The Dirge of Karabor". This could possibly mean that he is the Draenorian equivalent of Ragnaros. His model calls him a "fel giant".


  • Pretty much a straight up tank and spank fight. Only one healer is sufficient if they're somewhat experienced in longish fights. NPC flyers come in and bomb Cyrukh and help with the DPS. You will probably need a full group, however, so bring friends to be on the safe side.


Objective: Kill Cyrukh to appease the elemental spirits and prevent him from from being able to sunder the land again.

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