A Cut Scene is an animation sequence that you - the player - has no control over. Most often, it involves only NPCs, but not always.

A cut scene can be a reward for completing a quest (as in For Love Eternal), or exposition between NPCs during a quest (see Tree's Company)


A tour is a cut scene where:

  • you lose control of your character for a time
  • your point of view is moved around the world.
  • (often) some form of narration occurs while the tour continues.

An example of a tour happens during (Survey the Land). At the completion of the tour, control of your character is returned to you. Often, completing the tour satisfies a quest objective.


Not all tours take complete control of your character away for the duration.

In some cases (such as the 'halaa bombing runs' in Nagrand, or the quest Neutral 15 [80] The Drakkensryd, you have autonomy to use items in inventory during a tour. In the latter, you can even conduct combat.

In other cases (such as Alliance 15 [80] Static Shock Troops: the Bombardment), you are in an actual vehicle, and are limited to the options presented by that vehicle while the vehicle moves around the world.

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