Customer Service Forum Representatives are the Game Masters of World of Warcraft. Instead of logging into the game to deal with player tickets, they actively post on the Customer Service Forum amongst other things to help players with issues they may be experiencing. Occasionally, CSFR GMs log into the game to deal with issues that require in-game attention; otherwise they spend the majority of their time on the forums.

The CSFR GMs are based in Irvine, CA and Austin, TX.[1]

You can leave feedback for these GMs just as you would a normal GM. (e-mail

Current CS Forum GMs Edit

Irvine, CA Edit

Austin, TX Edit

Billing Support Representatives Edit

Previous CSFR GMs Edit

Previous Billing Support RepresentativesEdit

Forum lingoEdit

CSFR = Customer Service Forum Representative

SBTALOL = Server Busy, Try Again (LOL)

Quoted for Turtle = Auryk's way of saying "Quoted for Truth".

Soon™ = Soon

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