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Curse of Tongues was a warlock curse.

Curse is a dispel type that is inflicted by various bosses, mobs, and some remaining Warlock Warlock abilities. Curses do only exist as debuffs, not as buffs. In most cases, they only have a negative effect without doing damage, but some of them are actually DoTs (such as [Agony]). The border around a Curse type effect's icon in a player or mob's debuff bar is purple.[citation needed]

In the past (before World of Warcraft: Legion Legion, mostly), Warlocks had several curse abilities ([Curse of Agony], [Curse of Tongues], [Curse of Weakness], and others).

List of curse removing abilities

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Curses are dispellable with the following abilities:

Mage Mage
Druid Druid
Shaman Shaman


  • Sadly, all the "Curse" abilities were renamed in World of Warcraft: Legion Legion so that none actually contain "curse" in the name.[1]


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