A crystallized ingredient is the version of elemental substances introduced with the Wrath-Logo-Small Wrath of the Lich King expansion. These compare directly to Motes, which were introduced with Bc icon The Burning Crusade expansion.

They are used, either directly, or when combined into Eternal forms, in various tradeskill recipes.

Unlike most Primal ingredients, Eternal ingredients can universally be converted back to their original components in the same fashion that enchanting essences can be converted from lesser to greater and back.

Crystallized elements

The types are:

10 of any crystallized element can be made into an Eternal (of the same element), i.e. 10 Inv elemental crystal air [Crystallized Air] → 1 Inv elemental eternal air [Eternal Air] (You need only have 10 in inventory, they need not all be in one stack).

The reverse conversion is done by right-clicking the item.


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