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Crusader Aura

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{{Removedwithmists|Replacement: [[Heart of the Crusader]]}}
<onlyinclude>{{Infobox ability
|name=Crusader Aura
|description=Increases the mounted speed by 20% for all party and raid members within 40 yards. Players may only have one Aura on them per Paladin at any one time. This does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects.
|improvement=[[Swift Retribution]]
|buff_desc=Mounted speed increased by 20%. This does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects.
'''Crusader Aura''' is a [[Paladin]] ability, learned at level 62 for {{cost|5|50}}.
== Talent Improvements ==
Crusader Aura - Rank 1
*[[Swift Retribution]] (3 Ranks) causes it to grant 1% melee, ranged and spell haste per rank.
== Tips & Tricks ==
Requires Level 62
*The Crusader Aura's speed modifier is non-stacking, so it does not stack with any other mount speed items like {{loot|Uncommon|Carrot on a Stick}}, {{loot|Rare|Riding Crop}}, {{loot|Common|Enchant Gloves - Riding Skill}} or {{loot|Uncommon|Mithril Spurs}}.
*Like any other aura, this is affected by the spell {{ability|Aura Mastery}} found in the Holy tree. Activating this ability while Crusader Aura is active will grant a +40% to mount speed for 6 seconds, which is one of the most powerful mount-speed boosts in the game.
Instant cast
*Mount speed modifiers increase multiplicatively, with each modifier increasing the players Total Mounted Speed (which is "100% + Mount's Speed") by "Total Mounted Speed x (1 + Sum of Modifiers)". Non-stacking multipliers are the only exception to this formula, in which case the largest possible modifier is only applied (either the product of the stacking modifiers or the non-stacking modifier itself).
Increases the mounted speed by 20% for all party members within 30 yards. Players may only have one Aura on them per Paladin at any one time.
from []
*The new mount speed achieved with the Crusader Aura can be found through the formula "(100% + Mount Speed) x (1 + .20)".
{| class="darktable"
Note this this is 20% of mounted speed, not run speed.<br>
|- align="center"
Speed with and without aura:<br>
! [[Mount]] !! Mounted Speed !! [[Riding Crop]]<span style="cursor:help; title="Does not work above level 70">*</span> !! Crusader Aura
*Run speed: 100%
|- align="center"
*Normal mount: 160% - 192%
|| [[Warhorse]] / normal mount|| 160% || 176% || 192%
*Epic mount: 200% - 240%
|- class="alt" align="center"
*Epic flying: 280% - 336%
|| [[Charger]] / epic mount || 200% || 220% || 240%
|- align="center"
|| Normal flying mount || 250% || 275% || 300%
|- class="alt" align="center"
|| Epic flying mount || 380% || 418% || 456%
|- align="center"
|| 310% flying mount || 410% || 451% || 492%
== Patch changes ==
[[Category:Holy Spells]]
* {{Patch 3.2.0|note=This ability now also grants its flying speed increase to a [[druid]]'s [[Flight Form]] and [[Swift Flight Form]].}}
[[Category:Paladin Abilities]]
==See also==
*[[Mount#Mount_speed|Mount Speed]]
== External links ==
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{{paladin auras}}
[[es:Aura de cruzado]]
[[Category:Holy spells]]
[[Category:Paladin abilities]]
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