Cruel Barb
Binds when picked up
One-Hand Sword
30 - 57 Damage Speed 2.80
(15.5 damage per second)
Durability 75 / 75
Equip: +12 Attack Power.
Sells for 29Silver 64Copper to vendors
Item Level 24
Inv sword 24

Cruel Barb is a one-handed sword with a bonus to attack power. It requires level 19, but may be found useful until level 30 or even beyond.

One possible replacement is Fish Gutter, which is a one-handed axe, a quest item given in Southshore after the murloc and naga quests.


The Cruel Barb drops off Edwin VanCleef in The Deadmines.


  • This item is not marked as Unique. As such, it is an exceptional weapon to dual-wield due to the attack power, making it desireable for Fury Warriors, Rogues and Hunters.

This is the offhand weapon of choice for Rogue twinks

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Night Elf female wielding 2 Cruel Barbs

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