The crown gleams constantly, giving off an almost hypnotic pattern of light that immediately catches the gaze of all who approach. Fashioned entirely from rare, polished gemstones, the crown of will was created centuries ago by a Highborne sorcerer who was worried about the possibility of losing his mind to a magical mishap. The crown's purpose is to fortify its wearer's mind, shielding it from any form of controlling spell or enchantment. Any ongoing, mind-affecting effects afflicting the wearer are immediately ended when the crown is donned.[1] The crown is now in the possession of Mug'thol.[2]

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Sylvanas Windrunner sent her possessed slave, Mug'thol the ogre, to retrieve the crown for her. When he found the crown he tried it on, thus breaking the mental hold Sylvanas had on him. No longer a pawn of the Forsaken, he instead took up residence in Alterac and founded the Crushridge clan. His decision to disobey his mistress ultimately caused him to be a target of the Forsaken agents from Tarren Mill.

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