Lorna's house at the Orchard.


Crowley Orchard

Crowley Orchard[37.5, 74.2]
is an apple orchard located near the town of Duskhaven in Gilneas. The farm is owned by the Crowley family, as the name suggests. Lorna Crowley is the lone occupant, still distraught over what became of her father in Gilneas City, and the only visitor she reputedly sees is Krennan Aranas.

Upon hearing of the evacuation underway of Duskhaven and the surrounding areas, she is ready to lend a helping hand. Players assist her in rounding up some of the horses at the neighboring Crowley Stable Grounds whilst avoiding a roaming ettin.

Nothing of the Orchard survives the stronger earthquakes that follow, the lands swallowed by the sea.


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