Craggle Wobbletop is a gnome vendor for the Alliance that walks the outside perimeter of the Trade District in Stormwind City along The Canals.


Inv gizmo 06
[Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot]
Inv misc toy 10
[Toy Train Set]
Inv misc head clockworkgnome 01
[Wind-Up Train Wrecker]
Inv gizmo goblingtonkcontroller
[Blue Crashin' Thrashin' Racer Controller]
Inv gizmo 04
[Heavy Copper Racer]
Inv weapon rifle 01
[Red Rider Air Rifle]
Inv misc toy 02
[Tiny Blue Ragdoll]
Inv misc toy 03
[Tiny Green Ragdoll]

During Children's Week, he will also sell the following items, but only when players are on their associated quests:

Inv misc dragonkite 02
[Dragon Kite 2-Pack]
Inv sword 22
[Foam Sword Rack]

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