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Craftsman Wilhelm is a level 57 blacksmithing vendor located at Light's Hope Chapel in the contested territory of Eastern Plaguelands. He is affiliated with the Brotherhood of the Light.

Players who adventure into the Naxxramas might meet up with Master Craftsman Omarion. He can teach crafters to make special frost-resistant gear. For the non-crafters, they can take Omarion's Handbook back to Wilhelm, who will make the same gear for the non-crafters. You will have to provide more materials than the crafted versions, as well as pay a hefty fee to him.

See List of Eastern Plaguelands NPCs.


Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

In Cataclysm, Wilhelm will assist players in Stratholme.


He starts the following quests:

Vendor information

BankergossipiconItem Level Price Availability
Inv hammer 20 [Blacksmith Hammer]118CopperUnlimited
Inv pick 02 [Mining Pick]481CopperUnlimited
Inv misc ammo gunpowder 01 [Weak Flux]51SilverUnlimited
Inv misc ammo gunpowder 01 [Strong Flux]2520SilverUnlimited
Inv ore tin 01 [Coal]305SilverUnlimited
Spell frost fireresistancetotem [Elemental Flux]6015GoldUnlimited


He is also able to sell and repair items for players that are friendly or above with the Argent Dawn.

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