Cox is a Gilnean detective who served as Halford Ramsey’s partner before the Shattering and the Forsaken invading Gilneas.


Curse of the Worgen

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Sometime before Shattering ever occurred across the world of Azeroth, Cox joined Detective Halford Ramsey on a secret investigation when they received reports of strange murders that have been happening during the civil war in Gilneas. Believing that the Northgate Rebels were the ones responsible for these murders, the two continued to investigate and find out how they did it. During their investigation, Cox and Halford never got along, and when Cox had treated several human corpses without respect, he received a big punch from Halford for saying those terrible words. This angered Cox so much and became a rival to him.

Later on while they continued to investigate the murders, Cox and Halford ventured into city of Gilneas where they discovered a ritual that was developed by a cult inside an antique shop that belonged to an owner that was also affiliated with the cult. Now knowing that the rebels had nothing to do with these murders, Cox and Halford continued to pursue their suspects and follow their trail to the Blackwald. After Halford was attacked by one of the worgen and was presumed to have been killed, Cox fled and traveled safely to the Greymane Manor to inform the King of Halford’s death.

Just as the curse emerged and turned nearly of the inhabitants into feral worgen, Cox remained untouched by the curse, but was soon revealed that he was actually a member of the Wolf Cult and a loyal attendant to Alpha Prime. When Alpha Prime was defeated, Cox was among the survivors that fled Gilneas and went into hiding while the Forsaken had launched their invasion under the command of Sylvanas Windrunner.


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