Court of bones

Court of Bones

Court of Bones is a mogu graveyard located on the southwestern side of the Isle of Thunder. Zeb'tula / Dawnseeker Promontory can be found to the north, the Diremoor is eastward, and Za'Tual is to the south. The mogu are resurrecting the mummified remains for use in their standing armies at the Throne of Thunder. The Court has three

named crypts, the Hall of the Defamed, the Hall of the Exalted, and the Hall of the Grand Imperion.

There is a cave mouth at underneath the Hall of the Grand Imperion, and another at under the northern crypt. Both caves are accessed from the ocean.

The Torso of the Chamberlain can be found at one of several locations in the Court of Bones for Neutral 15 [90] The Crumbled Chamberlain. The Base of the Chamberlain is found beneath the Hall of the Grand Imperion.

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