This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and official bonus maps.

Countdown to Extinction is the chapter five (5) of the demo campaign and the chapter three (3) of the custom campaign, Exodus of the Horde. During the battle, the Darkspear trolls and the Horde managed to escape the Sea Witch and her murlocs.

Countdown to Extinction Map

Overhead view


Loading Screen

Sunlight greets Thrall and his companions as they escape the underground lair and make their way back to the surface.


Main Quests

Quest Avail 16x16 Hold the Line

  • Objectives
    • Survive for 20 minutes
  • Description

Optional Quests

Quest Avail 16x16 Island Trolls

Note: When the quest is completed, this quest is also called "Trolling for Trolls".
  • Objectives
    • Rescue the Trolls for reinforcements.
  • Description
    • The Trolls who remain scattered across the island will surely perish unless you bring them to safety before time runs out.

Mission Fails

  • All of your buildings have been destroyed.


New unit acquired


Intro cinematic

  • IconSmall Banshee Sea Witch: "Land-dwellers! You have slaughtered my minions and defiled my sanctuary! Now, you will be drowned by the wrath of the tides!"
  • IconSmall Thrall Thrall: "You'll have no more sacrifices today, witch! Go back to the depths where you belong!"
  • IconSmall Banshee Sea Witch: "Very well, your choice is made! The air you breathe now will be your last!"
  • IconSmall Thrall Thrall: "At last! We've reached our landing site!"
  • BTNRaider Raider: "Warchief! While you were gone, the nearby volcano erupted! This entire island has begun to sink!"
  • IconSmall Thrall Thrall: "How long to repair the ships?"
  • BTNRaider Raider: "The repairs are nearly done, Warchief."
  • IconSmall Thrall Thrall: "Then finish them quickly! We're about to have company! Defend the ships at all costs!"

Optional quest discovered

Between the battle

  • IconSmall Banshee Sea Witch: "Your efforts are futile, land-dwellers! The darkness of the deeps is all that awaits you!"

  • IconSmall Banshee Sea Witch: "Soon this land will be consumed by the tides! Prepare for the sea's cold embrace!"

  • IconSmall Banshee Sea Witch: "Yes! At last, the end draws near! Your deaths are only the beginning! Soon all land-dwellers will be entombed in a watery grave!"

  • BTNGrunt Grunt: "We still need more time to finish the repairs, Warchief!"

  • BTNGrunt Grunt: "It won't be much longer now, Warchief. The ships are nearly ready!"

  • IconSmall Thrall Thrall: "Hold the line, my warriors! Our freedom is at hand!"

  • IconSmall Thrall Thrall: "Your witch cannot protect you now!"

Ending cinematic

  • IconSmall Banshee Sea Witch: "Sail on, land-dwellers. Flee! The Dark Tide is coming to swallow you all, and once it begins, there will be nowhere to hide!"
  • IconSmall Thrall Thrall: "I don't know exactly what the witch was talking about, but I do know that our destiny lies elsewhere. For now, we set sail for Kalimdor. That is where our future will unfold."

Unused quotes

  • IconSmall Thrall D05Thrall15: One of the shamans must have found a way to purify this fountain.
  • BTNHeadhunter D05Troll13: Hey, you got room for one more mon?




The battle

As Thrall escapes, he is chased by the Sea Witch and her murloc warriors. The repairs to his storm-damaged ships are not done and he must rally his forces to hold the line and protect the ships until they are repaired. Unfortunately, the volcano on the island is also erupting and the whole island appears to be sinking into the sea. Some imprisoned trolls around the island are rescued to provide reinforcements against the Sea Witch and her warriors.

The ships are repaired and Thrall's forces continue on to Kalimdor, beginning the Invasion of Kalimdor.


This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and official bonus maps.

BTNClawsOfAttack [Claws of Attack]



  • "Countdown To Extinction" is a song by Megadeth of their 1992 album Countdown to Extinction.[3]


  1. ^ Depending of the skill of the player and the difficulty the number of deaths, however, they must be less than the enemy in order to win.
  2. ^ More enemy units than owned units have to die in order to win.
  3. ^ Wp icon Countdown to Extinction
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