A council encounter is an encounter made of two bosses or more. It generally sports a difficult pull and a rather chaotic battle for survival, which requires high situational awareness and fast reflexes from all raid members.

Known Council encountersEdit

World of WarcraftEdit

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The Burning CrusadeEdit

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Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

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Marshal Jacob Alerius, Ambrose Boltspark, Colosos, Jaelyne Evensong and Lana Stouthammer
Eressea Dawnsinger, Mokra the Skullcrusher, Deathstalker Visceri, Runok Wildmane and Zul'tore
Tyrius Duskblade, Anthar Forgemender, Serissa Grimdabbler, Kavina Grovesong, Baelnor Lightbearer, Alyssia Moonstalker, Brienna Nightfell, Saamul, Shaabad, Irieth Shadowstep, Shocuul, Melador Valestrider, Velanaa and Noozle Whizzlestick
Vivienne Blackwhisper, Ginselle Blightslinger, Malithas Brightblade, Caiphus the Stern, Harkzog, Maz'dinah, Erin Misthoof, Ruj'kah, Liandra Suncaller, Gorgrim Shadowcleave, Narrhok Steelbreaker, Birana Stormhoof, Broln Stouthorn and Thrakgar


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