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In Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, Corwin of Amber is the message that allows the use of cheat codes when entered in the chat prompter.[1] In the Macintosh version it also enabled a cheat menu from the menu bar (when the menu bar is enabled).


Corwin is the narrator and main character of Roger Zelazny's machiavellian series of books, "The Chronicles of Amber", which begins with "Nine Princes in Amber". Corwin is a Prince of Amber with power over the Pattern and thus has god-like abilities including super human strength and endurance, nigh immortality and the ability to effect probability and mold reality to his own choosing. Like the rest of his family, Corwin is a backstabbing, egotistical, power-hungry cheat and liar even though he'll probably convince you otherwise.

Corwin is the only Amberite, other than his grandfather Dworkin, to have every successfully inscribed a new primal Pattern thus creating his own multiverse.

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