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For the Mount Hyjal mob, see Combat Core Hound.

Core Hounds are only found inside Magmadar's cavern. There are approximately five packs in Molten Core. They are much different than their older brethren, the Ancient Core Hounds. Each hound in a pack must be defeated within ten seconds of each other or their corpse will be reignited by the living hounds and they will come back to life.


  • They will come back to life, with full health, if they are dead for over 10 seconds and there is still a member of their pack alive.
  • Hits most tanks for about 300-400.
  • They also have a special frontal attack. It puts a DoT on the target that does 50 damage every second for 30 seconds. It stacks up to 10 times. (Total 15,000 damage over 30 seconds when stacked 10 times)


A pack of Core Hounds

Mark each hound and assign a warrior each, then pull and have the warriors all bunch them up. Try to turn so that the dog's head is facing outwards. This way, as few tanks as possible will likely be hit by the melee dot.

After every dog has a suitable number of sunders (2 minimum, but 5 is ideal), you can call in the AoE attacks. This will help get all the dogs dead at the same time. Any person that does single target damage is also constantly looking for the dog with the highest HP to target. This is very important, if a single hound dies too soon then it will be reignited by the living hounds and in turn will reignite the others when they die. If the Core Hounds do revive, it is still possible to recover with quick thinking and coordinated dps. It is also Important for the healers to remember to continue healing the tanks after all the Core Hounds are dead, those stackable DoT's continue doing a lot of damage after the battle.


  • Killing a Core Hound rewards 20 reputation with the Hydraxian Waterlords until revered.
  • They respawn in 60 minutes.
  • Be warned: If you pull too fast, i.e. having a dead pack on the ground while the next pull is coming in, the dead bodies can ignite hounds from the current pack back to life!
  • They can be trained to be pets for Hunters.

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