Corastrasza is the sister of Raelorasz. Against his will, she ascended to one of the upper rings of the Nexus to observe some frighteningly powerful blue drakes. After the terrible events of the Cataclysm she can also be found at the Vermillion Redoubt [29, 25]

in the Twilight Highlands where she helps rogues in the Fangs of the Father questline. It seems she was safeguarding a black dragon egg uncorrupted by Deathwing, but it was stolen by Ravenholdt.

In Battle for Azeroth expansion at the end of the In the Shadow of Crimson Wings quest Corastrasza flys you back to Silithus.


Borean Tundra
Twilight Highlands


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Borean Tundra Twilight Highlands
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