Helen Yancey is a cooking trainer in Booty Bay, down under the bank, by the fisherman.

Inv misc food 15 WoW Icon 16x16 Cooking (Profession)
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A cooking trainer is an NPC that offers cooks the opportunity to train and learn recipes.

Rank Trainer Location co-ords
None Neutral 15IconSmall Human Male Henry Stern* Razorfen Downs
Neutral 15IconSmall BloodElf2 Female Kylene** Bc icon Lower City Shattrath City
Alliance 15IconSmall NightElf Male Zarrin Dolanaar Teldrassil
Alliance 15IconSmall NightElf Male Alegorn Craftsmen's Terrace Darnassus
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Tomas Goldshire Elwynn Forest
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Stephen Ryback Old Town Stormwind
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Gremlock Pilsnor Kharanos Dun Morogh
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Cook Ghilm Gol'Bolar Quarry Dun Morogh
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Daryl Riknussun The Great Forge Ironforge [60, 36]
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male "Cookie" McWeaksauce Bc icon Odesyus' Landing Azuremyst Isle
Alliance 15IconSmall Draenei Female Mumman Bc icon Seat of the Naaru the Exodar
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Female Crystal Boughman Lakeshire Redridge Mountains
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Female Celie Steelwing Bc icon Wildhammer Stronghold Shadowmoon Valley
Horde 15IconSmall Undead Female Eunice Burch The Trade Quarter Undercity
Horde 15IconSmall Tauren Male Pyall Silentstride Bloodhoof Village Mulgore
Horde 15IconSmall Tauren Female Aska Mistrunner High Rise Thunder Bluff
Horde 15IconSmall Troll Female Zamja Valley of Spirits Orgrimmar
Horde 15IconSmall BloodElf2 Female Quarelestra Bc icon Falconwing Square Eversong Woods
Horde 15IconSmall BloodElf2 Female Sylann Bc icon Wayfarer's Rest Inn Silvermoon [69.5, 71.5]
Horde 15IconSmall BloodElf2 Male Master Chef Mouldier Bc icon Tranquillien Ghostlands
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Duhng the Crossroads the Barrens [55, 31]
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Slagg Hammerfall Arathi Highlands
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Mudduk Grom'gol Base Camp Stranglethorn Vale [37.1, 49.1]
Neutral 15IconSmall Human Male Jack Trapper Bc icon Lower City Shattrath City
Neutral 15IconSmall Goblin Male Dirge Quikcleave **** Gadgetzan Tanaris
Bc icon
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Gaston Honor Hold Hellfire Peninsula
Horde 15IconSmall Undead Male Baxter Thrallmar Hellfire Peninsula [56.8, 37.4]
Neutral 15IconSmall Tauren Female Naka Cenarion Refuge Zangarmarsh [78.5, 63.1]
Grand Master
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Rollick MacKreel Valiance Keep Borean Tundra
Alliance 15IconSmall Dwarf Male Brom Brewbaster Valgarde Howling Fjord [58.2, 62.1]
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Female Katherine Lee A Hero's Welcome Dalaran
Horde 15IconSmall Tauren Male Orn Tenderhoof Warsong Hold Borean Tundra
Horde 15IconSmall Undead Male Thomas Kolichio Vengeance Landing Howling Fjord
Horde 15IconSmall Troll Male Awilo Lon'gomba Sunreaver's Sanctuary Dalaran
Neutral 15IconSmall Human Female Bethany Cromwell Argent Tournament Grounds Icecrown
Alliance 15IconSmall Human Male Stephen Ryback Old Town Stormwind
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Arugi The Drag Orgrimmar

* Henry Stern teaches the recipe for [Goldthorn Tea] to players with high enough cooking skill.

** Kylene teaches 3 cooking recipes to player with high cooking skill.

**** Dirge Quickcleave was a quest giver prior to Patch 3.1.0 that taught you Artisan Cooking from completing a quest, Clamlette Surprise. However, now you can learn Artisan Cooking from trainers, and as such no longer need the quest. If you've already completed the quest though, you can learn [Clamlette Magnifique] from him for free. This recipe is also now the reward for the aforementioned quest. ***** At least until The Burning Crusade expansion to learn Artisan Cooking you had to go to Tanaris Gadgetzan Inn and do a quest given from Gikkix. After the quest you would be an Artisan Chef!

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