Led by Nexus-Prince Haramad, the Consortium are ethereal smugglers, traders and thieves that have come to Outland. Their main base of operations and biggest settlement is the Stormspire, but they can be found at Midrealm Post, the Aeris Landing, within the Mana-Tombs of Auchindoun and various other places.


Consortium/Reputation Table

Until Template:Friendly

3000 reputation is required to move from the starting reputation to friendly. The two repeatable quests at this stage each give 250 reputation, hence requiring 12 completions to become friendly. The quests can be done fairly quickly (under ten minutes each) and close to Aeris Landing, where they are turned in.

Through Template:Exalted

  • Run Mana Tombs (Heroic after reaching Template:Honored with Lower City).
    Most enemies in the Heroic Mana-Tombs wing of Auchindoun will give 15-25 reputation; bosses give considerably more.
  • Complete all available quests.
  • Turn in [Obsidian Warbeads] and [Zaxxis Insignia].
    Characters trying to simultaneously earn reputation with the Mag'har or Kurenai and the Consortium may want to focus on killing Ogres in Nagrand, which award 10 Mag'har or Kurenai reputation per kill, and saving the [Obsidian Warbeads] for Consortium turn-ins. Doing this also nets many [Oshu'gun Crystal Powder], for [Halaa Research Token] turnins, allowing a player to effectively farm their Nagrand faction rep, Consortium rep, and half of their Halaa tokens all at the same time. The only caveat is the drop rate, which is roughly 33% for the warbeads, while it is 50% on the insignias.
    If you are level 70, want a faster grind without concern for Mag'har/Kurenai reputation, and can handle the slightly more powerful Ethereals, then you may want to grind insignias instead.
  • Open Ethereum Prisons with [Ethereum Prison Key] and kill the mob that spawns to turn in [Ethereum Prisoner I.D. Tag]. The mobs most likely to drop Prison Keys typically drop very few items other than gold, netherweave and green items-- which allows you to grind for a very long time before your bags fill up. In patch 2.3, [Ethereum Prison Key] is now easier to obtain as it is a reward for the daily non-heroic dungeon quest.
  • Complete the "daily dungeon" quests from Wind Trader Zhareem and Nether-Stalker Mah'duun. These appear to provide consortium rep, despite the NPCs not being marked as Consortium members (350 rep for Heroics, 250 for Non=Heroic).



Upon reaching Friendly status, players are officially considered members of the Consortium and given a salary. The salary is a bag of gems at the beginning of every month, given by Gezhe at Aeris Landing. Higher reputation with the Consortium yields better and more jewels each month.

Note: Due to a bug, no gem payments were received between the expansion's release and the patch 2.1.0, where it was fixed. However, players will receive their gems by talking to Gezhe instead of through the mail. According to Blizzard poster Pavonum, there is no plan to reimburse players for missing gem payments. [1].



Total Reputation Gained: 1,350


Total Rep: 2010


Total Reputation Gained: 11,655

Tuluman's Landing


Midrealm Post

Run a Diagnostic!/Chain

Protectorate Watch Post

The Ethereum/Chain

Area 52


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