Conqueror's Turalyon's Battlegear is the lower paladin Tier 9 set. The middle set is Triumphant Turalyon's Battlegear, the upper set is Totally Triumphant Turalyon's Battlegear and the Horde equivalent of this set is Conqueror's Liadrin's Battlegear.

Icon-shortcutSee also: Alliance 15Turalyon's Garb or Horde 15Liadrin's Garb for the healer (holy) set.
See also: Alliance 15Turalyon's Plate or Horde 15Liadrin's Plate for the tank (protection) set. 

Conqueror's Turalyon's Battlegear
Inv chest plate 22
Inv gauntlets 79
Inv helmet 25
Inv pants plate 29
Inv shoulder 22

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