Conjure Food
Inv misc food 32
  • Conjure Food (Racial)
  • N/A  range
  • None cooldown
  • 40% of base mana
  • 3 sec cast
  • Conjures X loaves of bread, providing the mage and allies with something to eat.
    Conjured items disappear if logged out for more than 15 minutes.
Usable by
Casting time3 sec cast
Other information

Do you have that in low carb? My armor is getting a bit tight...

Conjure Food is a mage spell that provides the caster with health-replenishing food. There is no limit to the amount of food a mage may conjure or carry, aside from inventory limitations. Conjured food stacks to 20, and can be traded to other players. Conjured items disappear if logged out for more than 15 minutes.

Creates Rank Health Restored Level Cost
Inv misc food 10[Conjured Muffin] 1 61 health over 18 sec 6 1Silver
Inv misc food 09[Conjured Bread] 2 243 health over 21 sec 12 6Silver
Inv misc food 12[Conjured Rye] 3 552 health over 24 sec 22 30Silver
Inv misc food 08[Conjured Pumpernickel] 4 874 health over 27 sec 32 1Gold
Inv misc food 11[Conjured Sourdough] 5 1392 health over 30 sec 42 1Gold 80Silver
Inv misc food 33[Conjured Sweet Roll] 6 2148 health over 30 sec 52 3Gold 50Silver
Inv misc food 73cinnamonroll[Conjured Cinnamon Roll] 7 3180 health over 30 sec 62 4Gold 20Silver
Inv misc food 32[Conjured Croissant] 8 7500 health over 30 sec 70 12Gold 75Silver


When you first receive each rank of this spell, you can conjure 2 of the new type of food. Each level afterward, you can conjure 2 more food per cast up to a maximum of 20. An exception is ranks 7 and 8, which will conjure 10 food when first learned. Examples:

  • Casting Conjure Food (Rank 1) at level 11 will conjure 12 muffins with a single casting.
  • Conjure Food (Rank 2) at level 22 will conjure 20 loaves of bread, but casting your new Conjure Food (Rank 3) will conjure only 2 loaves of rye.
  • Conjure Food (Rank 8) will conjure 10 croissants at level 70.

For the higher levels a better quality health source can be learned with Conjure Refreshment.

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