Ulthok is an incredibly ancient being sent by his Old God masters to aid Lady Naz'jar with invading the Throne of Tides. Bristling with sinister powers, Ulthok commands legions of his fellow faceless ones in the deepest trenches surrounding Vashj'ir.[1]

Commander Ulthok is the second boss in the Throne of the Tides instance. After the defeat of Lady Naz'jar, he appears within Neptulon's Rise

[50.4, 41.2]


Tactics summary

  • Normal: Move away to avoid being hit by Dark Fissure's impact. Stay out of Dark Fissure voids. Healer needs to pay attention to Squeeze target to keep them from getting killed.
  • Heroic: Drag Ulthok around the perimeter of the room after each Dark Fissure, since they expand, to give your group the most time before the Fissures occupy the entire room. Decursing the Curse of Fatigue (slows players) is more important since someone might end up in the middle of a large Dark Fissure.


  • Spell shadow grimward.png  [Curse of Fatigue]ω ϖ—Curses a random target, reducing their movement speed by 50% and haste by 50%. Lasts 15 sec.
  • Spell shadow shadesofdarkness.png  [Dark Fissure]ω ϖ—Smashes the ground in front of the caster, dealing 56550 to 63450 Shadow damage to all enemies within 1 yards of the impact location. In addition, a dark fissure will open at the targeted location which deals 9425 to 10575 Shadow damage per second to all enemies within 6 yards. Will increase in size over time. Lasts 60 sec.
  • Ability warrior rampage.png  [Enrage]ω ϖ—The caster goes into a rage, increasing all physical damage dealt by 50% for 10 sec.
  • Ability rogue shadowdance.png  [Squeeze]ω ϖ 60 yd range—Lashes out, grabbing a random player and squeezing them for 5000 Shadow damage per second (12500 heroic) for 6 sec.



He will periodically cast Dark Fissure, with a long 3 second cast time. The tank and any melee must move aside or behind the boss, because the Dark Fissure does shadow damage to anyone in front of boss. Healers need to make sure everyone stays topped off, especially him or herself, so that they don't die to Squeeze. If the tank feels confident about holding aggro, then kiting Commander Ulthok around the room will help greatly to avoid the Dark Fissure and his Enrage. Before the first Dark Fissure he will slow the tank, so the tank needs to stay mobile at all time or the Dark Fissure will possibly kill the tank.


Every time Ulthok casts a Dark Fissure, it remains on the ground and expands. The tank should begin the fight on the far side of one wall, then proceed to kite the boss around the room as the fissures grow. Attempting to tank Ulthok in the middle of the room will eventually cut everyone off from open space. Hunters and rogues can also remove his Enrage buff to make it a bit easier for the healer.

Note: As of 4.0.3 it is possible to pull Ulthok to and kite him in Lady Naz'jar's room, making this fight a bit easier. This may be fixed at some point.


Normal mode
Name Type Slot
[Caridean Epaulettes] Leather Shoulder
[Cerith Spire Staff] Staff Two-Hand
[Chromis Chestpiece] Mail Chest
[Eagle Ray Cloak] Cloak Back
[Harp Shell Pauldrons] Plate Shoulder
Heroic mode
Name Type Slot
[Caridean Epaulettes (heroic)] Leather Shoulder
[Cerith Spire Staff (heroic)] Staff Two-Hand
[Chromis Chestpiece (heroic)] Mail Chest
[Eagle Ray Cloak (heroic)] Cloak Back
[Harp Shell Pauldrons (heroic)] Plate Shoulder


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