Commander Mar'alith is a level 62 quest giver located at Cenarion Hold in the contested territory of Silithus. He is currently the head of the Cenarion Circle forces in Silithus. Although he is grieving due to the loss of his wife, Natalia Mar'alith, he is strong and commands his forces to fight the silithid. He has become a little absent-minded these days after receiving a message, about the death of his wife, brought by an agent. He wears a full Battlegear of Might and wields the Grand Marshal's Glaive.

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Commander Mar'alith fought many wars in his life. Before long, he realized that the only way to save the world was to safeguard nature from the malevolent forces that sought to destroy it. After long years of tutelage, he learned the ways of the druids and was admitted into the Cenarion Circle. He now commands the Cenarion Circle forces in Silithus. Commander Mar'alith's wife, Mistress Natalia Mar'alith, recently began to behave strangely, and she went missing shortly afterward. The commander is worried, although in the weeks before her disappearance, his wife steadfastly maintained that she was perfectly well. Little does the commander know that she had gone insane...or perhaps been possessed?...and had voluntarily entered a large silithid hive in the area.[1] (DF 131)


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