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Content before World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

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Main article: Patch 2.3.0
  • Guildbanks [1] (Coming in Patch 2.3) [2]
  • Zul'Aman - 10 man raid content. [3] : Planned for 2.3
  • Arena PvP - season 3 - Planned for 2.3
  • Hunter arena perfomance review.
  • Leveling curve adjustments - Levels between 20 and 60 are going to have the experience required per-level reduced and the experience rewarded by quests is being increased by around 30% - Planned for 2.3 [4] [5]
  • Many elite mobs in the level 20-60 range will lose their elite status. Current plans include Stromgarde and the Ruins of Alterac (This is not a final or complete list.) [6]
  • *60 new quests have been added to Dustwallow Marsh, including a new quest hub in the south-west part of the zone, called Mudsprocket. [7]
  • Paladin Retribution Tree revamp along with other minor spell fixes[8]
  • Minor Hunter, Mage, and Rogue fixes [9].
  • Auction House will sort on server side and be able to sort across all pages. In addition, post times will change to 12/24/48 from 8/12/24. [10].
  • Fear Ward will be available to all priests. [11]


Main article: Patch 2.4.0

Confirmed in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King


"17/08/2007 12:22:59 UTC" is not a valid date.| Thyvene
The developers are thinking about giving the possibility to sell enchants on the Auction House; however, this won't be implemented into the game before the next expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.

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Unspecified Release Dates

  • Arena PvP - spectator feature.
  • PvP Elekks and Hawkstriders
  • Professions
"31/01/2007 11:56:26 PST" is not a valid date.| Crezax
There has been a lot of discussion on the forums lately about the utility of various trade skills and how people feel they should be working. Much of the feedback we have received points to trade skills needing a little work and some better utility for those that choose to take them up. While we can’t give you specifics on what is planned or even dates on when players can expect change, we wanted to let everyone know that all trade skills are being looked at and will be revamped over time. Engineering will be the first on the list, but all trade skills are being closely looked at and player feedback is a welcome part of that process.

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  • [15] - [16]
    • Outfitter / itemrack type addon interface implemented in the blizzard interface, and the ability to wear multiple pieces of armor in a diablo 2" type fashion to save you a lot of inventory space.
    • Threatmeter being added into the default interface
    • bosswarning mod / deadlyboss mod being added into the default interface


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