Coalesced Realm, also know sometimes as cross-realm zone, is a temporary joining of populations from different Realms in the same world zone. Coalesced Realm is also a label that appears in a player character tool-tip to identify the target as from a another realm. A player who is coalesced is only temporarily joined in the current zone, primarily to fill what would have been a lowly populated zone. A Coalesced Realm differs from a Connected Realm, or 'Virtual Realm', in that it is temporary and per-zone, much like as in battlegrounds or other types of instances.


The concept of the 'Coalesced Realm' is the same as inter-realm instances, where player's are joined from more than one home Realm, except that is instead being done in a regular world zone.

Coalesced Realm label was added in Patch 5.4 to make it easier to identify temporary coalesced members, and appears in a player character tooltip[1] to identify them as not from the realm of the player who mouses over the player character. It is basically to inform that the character is part of a cross-realm zone, but not a Connected Realm.[2]


  • The first version of this tooltip change looks to have appeared in PTR build 17056.[3] and then got updated in build 17124.[4]

Patch changes


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