The Cloud serpent mount quest line starts in Windward Isle off the northeast coast of the Jade Forest. You will need to be level 90 to begin these quests.

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Many of quest below are daily quests and will likely need to be repeated until you have enough reputation to take place in further training. This training ultimately leads to a final race, before you join the Serpent Riders. There are Cooking, Fishing, First Aid, and Archaeology daily quests also.

Level Name Objective
90 The Order of the Cloud Serpent Speak to Instructor Skythorn at The Arboretum (The little shrine) in The Jade Forest.
90 Wild Things Find Instructor Tong at Windless Isle in the Jade Forest.
90 Beating the Odds Kill 8 Slitherblade saurok.
90 Empty Nests Leash and return 6 Windless Hatchlings to their nests.
90 Egg Collection Collect 9 Serpent Eggs.
90 Choosing the One Choose one egg.
90 The Rider's Journey Return to Instructor Skythorn at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest.
90 It's a... Watch your egg hatch.
90 Sweet as Honey Collect 8 Honeycomb from the beehives in The Arboretum.
90 Catch! Use the Bouncy Ball to throw it. Then, catch and return the ball 10 times.
90 Emptier Nests Leash and return 6 Windless Hatchlings to their nests.
90 Full Speed Ahead Follow Instructor Windblade.
90 Proper Grooming Collect 200 Saber Teeth and 100 Glider Sinew.
90 Restoring the Balance Kill 8 Slitherblade Rippers or Slitherblade Eggdrinkers.
90 Feeding Time Feed 6 Saltback Meat to your serpent. Saltback Meat Scraps can be combined to make Saltback Meat.
90 Disarming the Enemy Collect 8 Slitherblade Harpoons.
90 Preservation Collect 8 Stolen Eggs from Deepscale Poachers.
90 Slitherblade Suppression Kill the Slitherblade Scale-Lord.
90 Snack Time Fish 10 Sugar Minnow from salt or fresh water in the Jade Forest.
90 Fragments of the Past Visit archaeology dig sites around Pandaria and use your survey ability to retrieve 12 Serpentrider Relics.
90 Just a Flesh Wound Use Windwool Bandages, Heavy Windwool Bandages, or Dense Windwool Bandages to heal 8 Injured Hatchlings at Windless Isle.
90 A Feast for the Senses Collect 5 Pandaren Meat Balls.
90 They Grow Like Weeds Speak to Instructor Windblade at The Arboretum.
90 Flight Training: Ring Round-Up Fly through 10 cloud rings while riding your war serpent.
90 Flight Training: Full Speed Ahead Follow Instructor Windblade.
90 Flight Training: In Due Course Collect 10 Race Flags from the Checkpoints floating above the Jadespire Sea.
90 The Sky Race Complete the Sky Race by gathering 10 Race Flags, then passing underneath the Finish Line at The Arboretum.
90 Riding the Skies Join the Serpent Riders and chose your cloud serpant.

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