Heirloom Gear Edit

Heirloom gear is always a solid choice for twinks, and since it scales with level it is listed here in its own section.

Level 19 Edit

Level 29 Edit

Level 39 Edit

At level 39, all twinks become much more dangerous to non-twinks because of access to level 70 enchants like [Enchant Weapon - Sunfire] (Note that this enchant "Requires a level 35 or higher item.")

  • Head
    • Green Lens (BoE) (Crafted, Engineering, Random Enchant)
    • Note: The Green Lens comes in many random enchant flavors, including +dmg to any of the three schools of magic a Mage can cast. As an example, there's a Green Lens of Fiery Wrath which adds either +35 or +36 to Fire spell damage. There are old Green Lenses that come with +10 stamina and +16/16 to any two attributes, or +10 stam and +24 to any one attribute.
  • Off-hand
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