A cloth quartermaster earns their living by accepting large donations of wool, silk, mageweave and runecloth from adventurers and spreading good word of the donations far and wide. There is one cloth quartermaster for each major faction, located in major cities, their titles Alliance Cloth Quartermaster and Horde Cloth Quartermaster derived from the affiliation which they serve.


Here is the summary for all the quests the cloth quartermasters have available. Each cloth master has their own seperate quest with reputation rewards unique to their faction. Completing a quest with one quartermaster has no effect on the quests with any of the others. Outside of the different faction reputation reward, the quests are identical. (current as of 3.3 patch)

Quest Level Requires Reputation Experience
Quest:A Donation of Wool 12 60 Inv fabric wool 01 [Wool Cloth] 350 1044
Quest:A Donation of Silk 26 60 Inv fabric silk 01 [Silk Cloth] 350 2400
Quest:A Donation of Mageweave 40 60 Inv fabric mageweave 01 [Mageweave Cloth] 350 5700
Quest:A Donation of Runecloth 50 60 Inv fabric purplefire 01 [Runecloth] 350 11460
Quest:Additional Runecloth (R) 50 20 Inv fabric purplefire 01 [Runecloth] 75

The last quest, Quest:Additional Runecloth (R), becomes available after completing Quest:A Donation of Runecloth.

Alliance 15 Alliance Cloth Quartermasters

Cloth QuartermasterFactionCityAreaEven more direction
Bubulo AcerbusGnomeregan ExilesIronforgeTinkertownnext to Deeprun Tram entrance
Clavicus KnavinghamStormwindStormwindThe Mage Quartersecond floor of tailor shop
Mistina SteelshieldIronforgeIronforgeThe Great Forgewith tailors
Raedon DuskstrikerDarnassusDarnassusCraftsmen's Terracewith tailors
DugiruExodarThe ExodarTraders' Tierwith tailors Bc icon

Horde 15 Horde Cloth Quartermasters

Cloth QuartermasterFactionCityAreaEven more direction
Ralston FarnsleyUndercityThe UndercityMagic Quarterwith tailors
Rumstag ProudstriderThunder BluffThunder BluffMiddle Risewith tailors
Rashona StraglashOrgrimmarOrgrimmarThe Dragwith tailors
VehenaDarkspear TrollsOrgrimmarThe Valley of Spiritswith mage trainers
Sorim LightsongSilvermoon CitySilvermoon CityThe Bazaarwith tailors Bc icon
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