Christoph Walker is a level 60 warrior trainer located in the War Quarter in the Forsaken's Undercity.

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Many think that Christoph Walker is the one who wrote the note in the quest Document from the Front that drops during the Scourge Invasion.

The note reads:

Dear Pamela,

Tomorrow we make our stand in Andorhal, and I fear this will be my last letter to you, my love. The undead are unfatifued and we, I fear, are only human. We cannot hold against them. But fret not, for although we are sure to perish, our hope stays strong. The light will prevail!

And my dearest, I take comfort knowing that, as those dark terrors storm our walls and crash over us, my last thoughts will not be of death. I will think of you in my arms and I will know peace at last.


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