Cho'war the Pillager, an ogre lord, is the leader of the Warmaul Ogres. He resides within Warmaul Hill, to the far west of Nagrand and is a level 67 elite. The group quest Cho'war the Pillager aims at his death. You can find Cho'war by heading up Warmaul Hill and then entering the northern most cave - Cho'war is at the top of a spiraling path through the cave.

Rumor has it that Cho'war was the ogre responsible for forcing the gronn out of the cave. Cho'war then declared himself king and dissolved the ogre clans that served under the gronn. Thus, the Warmaul was born.

He is involved in the following quests:

  1. Horde 15 [67G3] Cho'war the Pillager (Warmaul Hill)
  2. Alliance 15 [67G3] Cho'war the Pillager (Warmaul Hill)

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