A bit to the north of Goldshire there is a house with skinning and leatherworking trainers. On the second floor of this house six children can sometimes be seen forming the pattern of a pentagram, silent and unmoving. They will occasionally move out of the house to walk/run in a pentagram formation. They return to their house at around 7:40 in the morning, and at this time a soundfile will play something eerie, usually "You will die". Whether they make their rounds at other times of the day is unknown. They despawn at 8:00 pm.

This discovery has spurred massive response[1] among the players. Probably just another easter egg, some say this is just one of the clues pointing towards a scourge-related event.

The children, who appeared around July 10th, often change views. One day they'll face Stormwind City, and other days a mine. It seems they point five different locations in Elwynn Forest that make a pentagram.

A now unavailable thread had been created on the World of Warcraft Forums (Beta) discussing some coincidences involved with the children. A new thread[2] has started on the new official forums.

In addition, the children have been spotted just outside Stormwind itself.[3]. Whether or not this occurred due to a glitch or a bored programmer has not been determined yet. There are also multiple videos of the children, both in Goldshire and outside Stormwind.


  • Oddly enough, if you stand in the middle of the kids and use quest helper, you are 666 yards from the Elwynn Forest/Stormwind border.



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