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Chickens are neutral level 1 critters found in many areas of Azeroth. They are particularly numerous near human settlements in the Hillsbrad Foothills, Westfall, and Duskwood.

If a player targets a chicken and uses the emote "/chicken" numerous times, the chicken may eventually offer the easter egg quest N [1] CLUCK!.

Other forms of chicken come in mechanical, beast, and mount form.

Other chickens

Named Chickens

    • "Plucky" Johnson - a polymorphed human apprentice in the Thousand Needles.

Mechanical chickens

    • Haywire Battle-Chickens are found into a cave in Loch Modan.
    • Homing Robot OOX-09/HL is found lost in The Hinterlands.
    • Homing Robot OOX-17/TN is found lost in Tanaris.
    • Homing Robot OOX-22/FE is found lost in Feralas.
    • Robo-Chicks are found in Azshara, Orgrimmar and Winterspring.

As a companion

    • [Chicken Egg] - a small pet reward from the quest  [1] CLUCK!.
    • [Mechanical Chicken] - a small pet reward from the quest  [50] An OOX of Your Own from Oglethorpe Obnoticus.
    • [Ancona Chicken] - a small pet purchased from Magus Tirth.
    • [Gnomish Battle Chicken] - an engineered mechanical attack chicken.
    • [Rocket Chicken] - a Trading Card Game flying mechanical chicken.

As Mount

    • [Magic Rooster Egg] is a Trading Card Game mount that is no longer obtainable.

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