For his appearance in the Krasarang Wilds, see Chi-Ji.
Chi-Ji is a large crane that can be found within the Celestial Court[38, 53]
on the Timeless Isle.

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In addition to epic items shared by all the celestials in the area, Chi-Ji will also drop:

Chi-Ji yells: "When faced with challenges the like you have never seen, what do you hope for? What is the future you seek?"

Chi-Ji yells: "Then let us begin."

The following quotes are repeated throughout the battle :

Chi-Ji yells: "Do not give up on yourself!"

Chi-Ji yells: "Believe in one another, and let others carry hope for you!"

Chi-Ji yells: "Without hope, there is no brightness in the future!"

Once defeated, the Red Crane yells the departing line :

Chi-Ji yells: "Your hope shines brightly, and even more brightly when you work together to overcome. It will ever light your way in even the darkest of places."

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