Cheese is a type of food in WoW.

Cheese is made from curdled animal milk and is one of the six main types of food in WoW.



Types of buyable cheese

Name Level Requirement HP Healed Price1
Inv misc food 06 [Darnassian Bleu] 61 health over 18 seconds 25Copper
Inv misc food 39 [Dalaran Sharp] 5 243 health over 21 seconds 1Silver 25Copper
Inv misc food 94 garadarsharp [Spiced Onion Cheese]2 5 243 health over 21 seconds 15Copper
Inv misc food 07 [Dwarven Mild] 15 552 health over 24 seconds 5Silver
Inv misc food 38 [Stormwind Brie] 25 874 health over 27 seconds 10Silver
Inv misc food 03 [Fine Aged Cheddar] 35 1392 health over 30 seconds 20Silver
Inv misc food 37 [Alterac Swiss] 45 2148 health over 30 seconds 40Silver
Inv misc food 94 garadarsharp [Garadar Sharp] Bc icon 55 4320 health over 30 seconds 56Silver
Inv misc food 04 [Mag'har Mild Cheese] Bc icon 65 7500 health over 30 seconds 80Silver
Inv misc food 101 sourcheese [Sour Goat Cheese] Wrath-Logo-Small 65 13200 health over 30 seconds 85Silver
Inv misc food 100 hardcheese [Briny Hardcheese] Wrath-Logo-Small 75 15000 health over 30 seconds 1Gold 60Silver

1 This is the base price before any discounts.
2 This cheese is only sold during Brewfest.

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