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Chawg at the Horde Base Camp[37.3, 77.7]

, Lost Isles


Chawg at the Slave Pits[42.2, 25.9]

, Lost Isles

Chawg is first encountered by goblin players on the Lost Isles, serving as an armor vendor in various locations, including when he is fighting the Alliance at the Alliance Beachhead[24.5, 63.4]
. He later drops this role and becomes a quest giver at Valormok[14, 64]
in Azshara.




Lost Isles only.

Name Lvl req Type Slot Cost
Inv belt 24 [Recovered Knit Belt]5Cloth ArmorWaist1Silver 43Copper
Inv boots 09 [Recovered Knit Boots]5Cloth ArmorFeet2Silver 15Copper
Inv bracer 10 [Recovered Knit Bracers]5Cloth ArmorWrist1Silver 44Copper
Inv gauntlets 23 [Recovered Knit Gloves]5Cloth ArmorHands1Silver 44Copper
Inv pants 06 [Recovered Knit Pants]5Cloth ArmorLegs2Silver 90Copper
Inv shirt 07 [Recovered Knit Vest]5Cloth ArmorChest2Silver 91Copper
Inv chest chain [Salvaged Chain Armor]5Mail ArmorChest4Silver 51Copper
Inv belt 06 [Salvaged Chain Belt]5Mail ArmorWaist2Silver 26Copper
Inv boots 01 [Salvaged Chain Boots]5Mail ArmorFeet3Silver 42Copper
Inv bracer 05 [Salvaged Chain Bracers]5Mail ArmorWrist2Silver 28Copper
Inv gauntlets 04 [Salvaged Chain Gloves]5Mail ArmorHands2Silver 13Copper
Inv pants 03 [Salvaged Chain Leggings]5Mail ArmorLegs4Silver 27Copper
Inv belt 03 [Water-Stained Leather Belt]5Leather ArmorWaist1Silver 82Copper
Inv boots wolf [Water-Stained Leather Boots]5Leather ArmorFeet2Silver 75Copper
Inv bracer 02 [Water-Stained Leather Bracers]5Leather ArmorWrist1Silver 84Copper
Inv gauntlets 18 [Water-Stained Leather Gloves]5Leather ArmorHands1Silver 84Copper
Inv chest leather 04 [Water-Stained Leather Harness]5Leather ArmorChest3Silver 71Copper
Inv pants wolf [Water-Stained Leather Pants]5Leather ArmorLegs3Silver 72Copper

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