Charscale Assaulters are drakonid mobs part of the invading war party assaulting the Ruby Sanctum.


  • Ability warrior cleave  [Cleave]—Inflicts 110% of normal melee damage to an enemy and its nearest allies, affecting up to 3 targets.
  • Ability warrior shockwave  [Shockwave]—Sends a wave of force in front of the caster, causing 12600 to 15400 damage and stunning all enemy targets within 15 yards in a frontal cone for 2 sec.

Trash 10 Man version (non-Heroic)

Trash is mostly simply. There are 4 Group Types: Grouping A(2 Invokers w/ 1 Assaulter) Grouping B (2 Assaulters) Grouping C (1 Commander, 2 Invokers, 2 Assualter) Grouping D (2 Elites)

We'll Discuss them Separately. (a Raid may be able to Aoe some of these groups, however, for safety we did the targets one at a time since it was our first time in)

Group A Roughly 2-3 of These Groups (aoe possible?)

With this group it is easiest to have 1 tank hold threat on 1 Invoker and the Assaulter while the other Tank pulls the 2nd invoker away from the first tank and out of aoe range of the Raid. (aoe ranged is approximately 10 yds.) The Raid will Single Target burn the first single invoker, when that invoker is down, the OT will then taunt the other invoker and position him again away from both the MT and raid (outside of AOE range). The Raid will again single target burn this invoker, and when it is down the Raid will turn and burn the Assaulter.

Group B Approximately only 1 of these groups (aoe possible)

Tank these separately burn one down then the other

Group C 3 of these Groups total (NOT AOE POSSIBLE)

This Group is larger than the others and is the most difficult.

The MT should run in gaining some threat on all the mobs. (THIS TANK WILL REQUIRE LOTS OF HEALING!) The OT should taunt one of the invokers away from the main group of mobs that the MT is holding. (again out of aoe range of MT and raid) Single target burn this invoker, then the OT will taunt the second invoker, Repeat with Commander, Assaulter and finally the last assaulter, in that order.

You may be able to change the kill order slightly and try Invoker, Commander, Invoker, Assaulter, Assaulter. However, 2 invokers in the Same group are a sure problem, and I don't recommend it.

Group D 2 Groups total (aoe possible?)

Separate them and single Target burn them down individually.

Patch changes

Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.3.5 (2010-06-22): Added.

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