Charlga Razorflank <The Crone> is a level 27 elite quilboar boss found in Razorfen Kraul.

She is the leader of the Death's Head and Razorfen tribes.

The great mass of Razorfen Kraul was conquered by the old crone, Charlga Razorflank. Under her rule, the shamanistic quilboar stage attacks on rival tribes as well as Horde villages. Some speculate that Charlga has even been negotiating with agents of the Scourge - aligning her unsuspecting tribe with the ranks of the Undead for some insidious purpose. Charlga is a tenacious leader and an extremely powerful geomancer.

Spells and AbilitiesEdit

  • Spell nature chainlightning  [Chain Bolt]ω ϖ—Strikes an enemy with a lightning bolt that arcs to another nearby enemy. The spell affects up to 3 targets, causing 138 to 156 Nature damage to each.
  • Spell holy heal  [Mana Spike]ω ϖ—Restores the caster's mana.
  • Spell holy holybolt  [Purity]ω ϖ—Makes the caster immune to all attacks and spells for 2 sec.
  • Spell holy renew  [Renew]ω ϖ—Heals the target for over 15 sec.

Charlga is also totally immune to shadow damage, stuns and silence effects making her a particularly tough target for some casters.



Aggro: "Troublesome whelps. I'll teach you to interfere!"

"You outsiders will pay for encroaching on our land!"

"Bah! My power rules here!"

Death: "Our new allies will avenge us!"


Notable Loot
Inv misc bone 05
Inv shield 02
Inv axe 18
Inv misc organ 01
Inv jewelry talisman 01
Inv scroll 03

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