Champion Vranesh is a Blood Knight champion seen patrolling the streets between Farstriders' Square and The Royal Exchange. He stops in front of numerous Silvermoon City Guardians who kneel before him, and an emote text appears where he seems to look at the guards disapprovingly. The reason for this is currently unknown, but it is likely that he, along with the public speakers at The Bazaar, Arcane Guardians and practicing Silvermoon Rangers, exists to contribute to the feeling of political division in Silvermoon.



Champion Vranesh riding his horse.

Just before taking off to patrol the Royal Exchange, Vranesh walks up to Champion Bachi and bows before him. He then leaves the building and mounts up.

Champion Vranesh inclines his head slightly to the pair of guardians in greeting.

Upon arriving at the guards in front of the bank:

Champion Vranesh arches a sculpted brow at the guards, a disapproving scowl on his face.

Upon arriving at the guards in front of the jewelcrafters:

Champion Vranesh glances from guard to guard.

Upon arriving at Farstrider ranger practice grounds:

Champion Vranesh surveys the small ranger practice ground with a condescending smirk.

The guards will respond with some of the following after each of his emotes:

Silvermoon City Guardian says: Our lives are yours, Blood Knight.
Silvermoon City Guardian says: Glory to the Sun K-- ah... Silvermoon!
Silvermoon City Guardian says: Your power strengthens us all.


Champion Vranesh appears extremely underpowered for his level judging his health. He is likely meant for display only.

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