Cersei Dusksinger is a level 45 blood elf quest giver located at Stonard in the contested territory of Swamp of Sorrows. She can be found in the large building on the east side of the compound. She is a warlock and has a succubus minion.


After finishing it her permanent quote is:

Oh, most excellent! That was great fun, was it not? Little by little I've been cursing more of those disgusting Lost Ones. Soon enough I'll be ready to try it on the draenei!


Must you follow me everywhere? <sigh>
Would you stop checking your nails and whipping yourself for once? Really, no one cares!
Are you hungry? I'm hungry. I just can't stand the thought of cured ham steak from Thultash again. If only we could get some of that succulent roasted quail!
I need some fresh air, not that there's any to be had in this swamp! I'm going out for a bit. Tidy up a bit while I'm gone, would you?
These orcs are fools! So much power nearby just waiting to be taken, and all they do is sit on their hands and watch while others plunder the riches!

See Rogvar, Kartosh, or Greshka for the fight between them and Cersei.

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  • WoW Icon 16x16/ Bc icon Patch 2.0.1 (05-Dec-2006): Added.
                The nearby succubus minion belonged to Greshka prior.

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